Making your self happy is a first Step towards happiness. It should be the first love that a person should do to his or herself. It is the root of all other loves. Without it he or she cannot love to another thing or being. A person who loves himself will not hurt himself . He will educate himself and improves himself and will not be ignorant one.He will stay away from bad habbits or such things which can spoil him.He or she will not dwell on past. He will not search for peoples’s Validation.


It is such a mess . A person who wants the people’s Validation will ruin his or herself. People’s validation is variable ,the things that is never constant and changes everytime, then how can it be useful for someone. So try to make your opinion. Seek approval of yourself


Selfish does not mean that we just do for ourselves and dont care for others. It means that take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones and others. It means that be true to yourself and do the right things . We all are human and mistakes and doing wrong is our nature but atleast we can admit it and decide to do right and good things. It means working on yourself for better results. It means to be patient to yourself when nothing or no one is on your side . or when you have done wrong .Its ok. It is the part of Life .It happens , but to give up is not the solution. And when u do it u will feel good and satisfied. It effects positively on your health and surroundings.


You can all do this when you know yourself . You must know ;what you want to do ? how you want to do ? How it effects you ? one has to ask these questions to himself on daily basis and then he or she will be able to develop a strong opinion about him/herself . Then you will connect to your true self .


When you ask yourself questions on daily basis. It will help you to define or setting your boundaries with others. So that no one can cross that limit and will able to hurt you . It will also help you to not to burdenise yourself with extra worries and negativities from the surroundings .

I hope these little things will help you to make yourself happy . But do it with patience and love . Onle you can understand yourself . Love and happiness starts from you. When you are happy only then you can make others happy which is a blessings in itself .


May be some of you will think , its a romantic post,a kind of love expression or a kind of dedication to one’s Love.But reality is that ,this is what we all do in our entire life.We are sometime a victim to this,sometime we ignorant enough, sometimes we are with little Perspective and sometimes we want to see from the eyes of others on the base of our conscious decisions.

Now you got me!Exactly ,i am not talking about the apparent eyes. I am talking about the believes, thoughts and perspectives of people to which other people’s are directly or indirectly connected.

Some believes and thoughts pattern are stick to us from our childhood, we groom in a specific environment and remain thinking with same patterns and believes unless we decide it to change if we are conscious enough.These believes are the eyes from which we see and perceive the world

Even the people we meet have also great impact on our lives. They teach us ,change us and we remain not the same again. This is all because of these believes and thoughts, Our Life revolves around them, and i wish that all you may got those eyes ,which makes your world more beautiful and whole.

Dissection Of Positive Thinking

Wondering right now ?what is dissection of thoughts means to be? How can it be possible? We all know that our brain is busy all the time thinking millions of thought and sometimes we don’t even know how we fall into the weave of thoughts in which some of them are according to our desires and some base upon our needs .Everything we do or perform or any action we take our Thoughts are involved, whether we are conscious of it or not. The positive and negatives outcomes of our Life are undoubtedly a by product of our actions and decisions. And every decision or action is a result of our thought. And you know, we all want best for us .Then what to do ?How can we save us from negativity and misery or any bad outcome. Here is the solution that you can practice but before that recall in your Mind

Have you ever heard the words ” be positive” . Surely you do. We all come across to this Phrase sometimes in Life. We hear those words ” Stay Positive” Nothing Bad will Happen” or something like that and then some bad happens. Why is that? Are we not Positive ?Ofcourse we are ! but unfortunately we have not learnt how positive means to be or sometimes it is not a part of our Nature because of our grooming ,default thinking and Life experiences. But here are positive thinking techniques that might helps us when we actually need to be Positive.


Many times there comes a Situation in Life when conflicts arise with others or sometime we are in conflict with ourselves. This is really normal. People are different so is their approach but not to let go of the conflict and differences is not normal. These are all our egos of pride, status and Abilities that create differences and arise conflicts and in result we loose our relations or dear ones and make us it to forget the core of humanity.


We are living in a world where fear is part of our daily life, even we are afraid of each other that we are being judged. We are fearful of being ourselves or speaking our own voice. In such a pathetic situation courage is the only solution that can free ourselves from our fear and help us to live our life to the fullest.


Scarcity is nothing but a mental State,a small perspective of ours with a little experience.It has nothing to do with positivity. We are entrapped in the words like..if he/she cannot good to me, how can I be? But by remembering this that” GIVERS ARE MORE HAPPIER THAN THE TAKERS” can help us to draw positiv outcomes. And it all starts from you


There comes time in Life when it becomes tough and we want to give up or we do not have strength to carry on. You no why it is ? Because of the doubts and tiredness of the journey. So in such circumstances we should remember that keep going on is the only Key which can give us ultimate happiness of not giving up in the middle. Surrounding around the people who are positive is also helpful in difficult situations. For this we can join positive thinking groups or can practice the positive Speech that help us to remain positive


A big Lol! May be you think . Power is itself an addiction especially when everyone is chasing it whether in a form of money or status. You should know that these things also bring insecurities of their own kind and cannot bring peace and happiness in one’s life. Purpose of saying is not to drag you away from earning money but to earn it from wrong means and after earning it forgetting your core self .


Understanding”is very often used in our daily life but sadly we do not mean it when we say it just because we are unaware of the vast meaning of the word. It is just a listening ear when someone is speaking and listening between the lines of the spoken words without being judgmental or reactive. It is to be patient with others when they can be problematic. It is just to be with someone without making the other uncomfortable. It can solve many of our problems afterall we all want to be with understanding individuals who help and support us in tough times.

These all these traits can be difficult to practice when actually you are the initiator but atleast we can try and take a start for a positive outcome by beginning with the any one of the Trait to practice.

Self Relation

The most important relationship is Self Relation. The more we have a good relation to ourselves, the more we can better connect to others. It is not something we already have but it is a Continuous Process. Some who have conscious Parenting are blessed to have it early in Life but Some learn it later through the Experiences and Incidents in Life.


Being a great friend to yourself unlocks long-term happiness. Your relationship with yourself is arguably the most important relationship in life. Selfrelationship is the foundation of everything else.Early in developmentrelationships with others shape the relationship with oneself. So it is very important to have a healthy Relation with ourselves. It also affects both our Personal and Social Life


Life is the greatest Blessing but at the same time it is a combination of hard and easy.But the good News is that it can be easy when we are more aware of ourselves.These are the benefits of self realisation or self relation


Self relation helps us to set the tone of Relations with others.Happier relations are the most important aspect of self realisation. As there is a famous quote “ you can’t pour from an empty cup. So is the case with Human Beings. If they are not happy, how can they keep others happy? If their needs not fulfilled, how can they fulfill the needs of others? Self Relation makes us conscious to our needs and needs of others and make us to live and enjoy every Relation.


Self relation makes us conscious to not only work on ourselves but also help us to get rid of the behaviors and habits that are harmful to us and by changing them


Every one of us has a dream and Fascination about our life and we want to spend the way we imagine. For example, one has a dream to marry in a certain way, want to have a specific kind of partner in life, want to be a topper . All is possible when we are in contact with ourselves. It requires just a little effort by our side and to think about the ways, how we can have it and then to act accordingly.



This is a very good exercise and is very easy. We take notes or observe ourselves, what we do, how we do, and why we do things or certain actions. It will help us to set our priorities and derive our attention to the things that are important to us. It will also give us Mental Clarity and protect us from the unnecessary thoughts.


As there are lots of incidents happen to us in our daily life. Every incident has positive and negative inside. Our Self-relation will help us to differentiate between the two, whether we dwell on the positive or negatives.


Having a good Self-relation help us to have our voice. Many of us born with certain kinds of Fears, complexes, and feelings of not good enough. These are all useless and hindrances in our growth and a misunderstanding in ourselves. Knowing this and removing these kinds of hurdles will help us to develop a full-grown relation with ourselves

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