Making your self happy is a first Step towards happiness. It should be the first love that a person should do to his or herself. It is the root of all other loves. Without it he or she cannot love to another thing or being. A person who loves himself will not hurt himself . He will educate himself and improves himself and will not be ignorant one.He will stay away from bad habbits or such things which can spoil him.He or she will not dwell on past. He will not search for peoples’s Validation.


It is such a mess . A person who wants the people’s Validation will ruin his or herself. People’s validation is variable ,the things that is never constant and changes everytime, then how can it be useful for someone. So try to make your opinion. Seek approval of yourself


Selfish does not mean that we just do for ourselves and dont care for others. It means that take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones and others. It means that be true to yourself and do the right things . We all are human and mistakes and doing wrong is our nature but atleast we can admit it and decide to do right and good things. It means working on yourself for better results. It means to be patient to yourself when nothing or no one is on your side . or when you have done wrong .Its ok. It is the part of Life .It happens , but to give up is not the solution. And when u do it u will feel good and satisfied. It effects positively on your health and surroundings.


You can all do this when you know yourself . You must know ;what you want to do ? how you want to do ? How it effects you ? one has to ask these questions to himself on daily basis and then he or she will be able to develop a strong opinion about him/herself . Then you will connect to your true self .


When you ask yourself questions on daily basis. It will help you to define or setting your boundaries with others. So that no one can cross that limit and will able to hurt you . It will also help you to not to burdenise yourself with extra worries and negativities from the surroundings .

I hope these little things will help you to make yourself happy . But do it with patience and love . Onle you can understand yourself . Love and happiness starts from you. When you are happy only then you can make others happy which is a blessings in itself .

Published by Anaya

Writes for Self and social awareness

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