May be some of you will think , its a romantic post,a kind of love expression or a kind of dedication to one’s Love.But reality is that ,this is what we all do in our entire life.We are sometime a victim to this,sometime we ignorant enough, sometimes we are with little Perspective and sometimes we want to see from the eyes of others on the base of our conscious decisions.

Now you got me!Exactly ,i am not talking about the apparent eyes. I am talking about the believes, thoughts and perspectives of people to which other people’s are directly or indirectly connected.

Some believes and thoughts pattern are stick to us from our childhood, we groom in a specific environment and remain thinking with same patterns and believes unless we decide it to change if we are conscious enough.These believes are the eyes from which we see and perceive the world

Even the people we meet have also great impact on our lives. They teach us ,change us and we remain not the same again. This is all because of these believes and thoughts, Our Life revolves around them, and i wish that all you may got those eyes ,which makes your world more beautiful and whole.

Published by Anaya

Writes for Self and social awareness


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