Self Relation

The most important relationship is Self Relation. The more we have a good relation to ourselves, the more we can better connect to others. It is not something we already have but it is a Continuous Process. Some who have conscious Parenting are blessed to have it early in Life but Some learn it later through the Experiences and Incidents in Life.


Being a great friend to yourself unlocks long-term happiness. Your relationship with yourself is arguably the most important relationship in life. Selfrelationship is the foundation of everything else.Early in developmentrelationships with others shape the relationship with oneself. So it is very important to have a healthy Relation with ourselves. It also affects both our Personal and Social Life


Life is the greatest Blessing but at the same time it is a combination of hard and easy.But the good News is that it can be easy when we are more aware of ourselves.These are the benefits of self realisation or self relation


Self relation helps us to set the tone of Relations with others.Happier relations are the most important aspect of self realisation. As there is a famous quote “ you can’t pour from an empty cup. So is the case with Human Beings. If they are not happy, how can they keep others happy? If their needs not fulfilled, how can they fulfill the needs of others? Self Relation makes us conscious to our needs and needs of others and make us to live and enjoy every Relation.


Self relation makes us conscious to not only work on ourselves but also help us to get rid of the behaviors and habits that are harmful to us and by changing them


Every one of us has a dream and Fascination about our life and we want to spend the way we imagine. For example, one has a dream to marry in a certain way, want to have a specific kind of partner in life, want to be a topper . All is possible when we are in contact with ourselves. It requires just a little effort by our side and to think about the ways, how we can have it and then to act accordingly.



This is a very good exercise and is very easy. We take notes or observe ourselves, what we do, how we do, and why we do things or certain actions. It will help us to set our priorities and derive our attention to the things that are important to us. It will also give us Mental Clarity and protect us from the unnecessary thoughts.


As there are lots of incidents happen to us in our daily life. Every incident has positive and negative inside. Our Self-relation will help us to differentiate between the two, whether we dwell on the positive or negatives.


Having a good Self-relation help us to have our voice. Many of us born with certain kinds of Fears, complexes, and feelings of not good enough. These are all useless and hindrances in our growth and a misunderstanding in ourselves. Knowing this and removing these kinds of hurdles will help us to develop a full-grown relation with ourselves

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